How to Join

So you want to be a member?



There are two membership types at CCC, Regular (full) member and Associate member.

Which type are you?

  • Regular (full): this membership type requires that you flag at least 2 races per year for your first 3 years of membership.  The first year, the applicant must accumulate 150 points throughout the year, including the flagging, to be accepted into the club as a member.  Each of the four remaining year’s requires earning 100 points and flagging at two race events to maintain a membership in good standing.  Regular members have a key to the gate and can ride at any time they wish (unless the track is closed for race prep). Regular members can participate in all club functions; including Men’s Summer Series, Junior Summer Series, and Men’s Day picnic.
  • Associate: this membership does not require that the member participate in any work parties, work on race day, or accumulate any points.  Associate members receive a key to the gate and can ride at any time (unless the track is closed for race prep), but are NOT able to participate in any club functions. Since this membership type does not require any accumulation of points, the yearly cost is significantly higher.

The process for becoming a member is as follows:

  1. Start by attending a Wednesday night meeting.  Meetings start at 8:00pm during the race season, and at 7:00pm during the off season.  You must sign the “Sign-In” sheet at the front of the room to be considered present for the meeting.  Be prepared to stand towards the end of the meeting and introduce yourself to the membership.  Members like to get to know who is interested in becoming a member. 
  2. Once you have attended 3 meetings, you will receive your application for membership.  Fill out the Application and determine what type of member you want to be.  Regular members will need to have 3 current CCC members endorse your application.  Associate members will need one current CCC member to endorse your application.  Applications must also be signed by someone designated by the “watering committee”, that you received training on the proper operation of the watering system.
  3. STUDY THE BYLAW BOOK!!! You will be required to answer a few questions at a Wednesday meeting regarding the rules of the club to become a member.  All the questions come directly from the most current version of the bylaw book.
    1. Associate members – If the questions are answered and the club votes you in as a member, you will pay the required fee and then be issued your key and electronic gate key.  You are then able to ride and considered a member.  Membership renewal for associates starts on January 1 and is open to previous year’s members first.  Central Cycle has a cap of 50 Associate members at any given time. If we have reached the maximum, a waiting list will be started. 
    2. Regular members – Once you have flagged two races and accumulated 150 points, you are eligible to be voted in as a member.  You will attend a Wednesday meeting, answer the bylaw questions, and then be voted in by the membership.  At that time, you will pay your fee and receive your membership cards and keys.